Product Introduction


Automatic Elastic Stitching Machine

  • SP-F161 series

All elastic processing procedurals: auto feeding, cutting, stitching and collecting can be done by
one button push operation. One operator canlook after several machines at the same time.
11000-13000PCS elastic can be stitched / 8h /set.



Apply to multiple specification rubber jointing, sewing lines smooth and beautiful.

2 ways of splicing

  • The machine has two ways of stitching, namely overlapping and flat join.
  • SP-161 series: the diameter scope after the elastic jointed is 100-999mm and the width scope is 10-70mm

It is more convenient to adjust the size

  • Special tightening wheel of screws lowers the difficulty of adjusting the size of elastic ribbon.

Automatic stop for lack of material

  • The machine will stop automatically once the elastic ribbon has a joint or is depleted during continuous cycle sewing.

It adopts the rotary pulling device and motor to feed the elastic which guarantees the length trimming tolerance in 2mm.

Color mark recognition system

Introducing advanced Panasonic color mark recognition system for double colors elastic stitching, recognizing the position of the LOGO precisely, to ensure the LOGO in the center position against the jointing line, can stitch one big and one small length of elastic in each cycle, very efficiently save the wastage of elastic. It is a milestone to introduce the visual identification system in the sewing industry.

Ironing device

  • Ironing device:After the elastic is ironed through the ironing device, it would be flat and beautiful, can prevent from shrinking, reducing the wastage, raising the production efficiency and sewing quality.

Ironing device

  • Rotating material collecting device:rotary working plate receives material incessantly.Every bar receives materials around 100pieces ,total 500 pieces one time.

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    FInished elastic diameter scope
    Sewing area device
    Cloth feeding mode
    Stitch length
    Max. needles number
    Stitch No. can be stored
    Presser foot driving method
    Work clamp height
    Rising amount of intermittent foot presser
    Stroke by intermittent presser foot
    Customer program amount
    Recyle programme No
    Air pressure
  • SP-F161 series
    Sing-needle flat seam
    2800 rpm
    Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive mode)
    20,000 needles/1 pattern
    500000 stitch can be stored in build-inmomery
    S-Pulse motor drive
    Max 25mm
    0 or 2-10mm(Factory defaults:3mm)
    AC servomotor 550W
    Single phase100~120V、200~240V、3-phase200~240V、380~415V、350V


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