Product Introduction


Fully automatic drawstring bar-tacking machine

  • SP-156

Rope head knot machine Suitable for wind cap lining, sports and leisure clothing category,
waist rope and cap rope seams.Automatic feed,cutting, plug rope head, tie, collection
one-time completion, 7 seconds / root rope head.

Performance advantage

  • Rope width: 10-15mm
  • Rope length: 300-2000mm
  • Precise positioning, consistent length of each rope, consistent closing position, improved quality

Performance advantage

  • The length of the rope can be adjusted according to customer demand parameters
  • The closing pattern can be based on customer demand
  • With air-catching device, both end rope heads can be internal plug at the same time, inner plug rope head ruler inch setable, consistent at both ends (air-catching device Shup patent)

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Sewing speed
    The motor
    The power supply
    Air pressure
  • SP-156
    Single needle lockstitch sewing
    AC servo motor 550W direct drive type
    Single phase 220V


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