Product Introduction


Automatic round collar machine

  • SP-F154

The machine is mainly used in the T-shirt with crew neck, and the similar process of cuffs

Product Features

  • The length of the collar can be automatically adjusted by setting the required parameters on the touch screen
  • The collar width (range 30-70) can be adjusted freely
  • Convenient refueling, put the material on the plate and then stick the material head and upper sheet end with tape to achieve fast refueling
  • Feeding, sewing and receiving are completed automatically in one time
  • One man can manage more than one machine


  • Extremely simple operation mode, no special technical requirements for the operator
  • Precise folding method ensures the same length of each piece
  • Fold the neckline in half
  • After folding, the needle can be rewound to increase sewing firmness
  • Different colors of fabric can be made
  • It takes 8 seconds to complete 2 circles

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Sewing speed
    Using the material width
    Power supply
    Air pressure
  • SP-F154
    Single needle lockstitch sewing
    AC servo motor 550W direct drive type
    Single phase


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