Product Introduction


Double Needle Belt Loop Sewing Machine

This machine streamlines procedures of four workers as cutting belt,bar-tacking ,carrying and other four workers

of enforcement sewing on normal sewing machine .SP-254-ZD saves not only the salary of workers,

in average 3200rmb,but also improve the efficiency by 70%.

Simple structure ,easy operation

It is a self-developed machine which can be used for one-time forming of jeans and casual pants ears. It is easy to operate, saving time and effort. Processes of automatic screening, cutting, folding and tacking are completed in one time. It holds advantages of simple mechanical structure, convenient operation, flexible adjustment, high production efficiency.

Automatic screening and removing waste materials

The unique automatic detection device is designed to filter out wastes at pants loop joints, and realizes automatic screening and removing.;

Rapid and simple operating system

  • With visible human-machine interface and convenient operating system,it can program the patterns directly .The operation combined data management with visual touch screen.
  • Operational Characters: Adjusting the data of needle position and length of outer hook ,the length data of belt loop , ending position data of beltloop and wastematerial detecting data,the machine automatically adjusts the length of the belt loop withour labor to adjust mechanic parts.
  • You can adjust the width of the belt loop according to the editing of X,Y direction parmameters,which saves time and labor.
  • Customized program editing can be realized easily via the adjustment of bartack parameters and zigzag sewing parameters.

Technical Parameters

Model and Standard +

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    Thread No.
    Number of stitches
    Reinforce the sewing pattern memory
    Adjustment of stitch
    Reinforced seam width
    Reinforced seam length
    Press foot rise in quantity
    Cloth feeding mode
    Sewing machine drive mode
    Needle distance adjustment method
    Belt width
    Reinforce sew the belt length
    Air pressure
  • SP-254-ZD
    Below 2700rpm(Sewing space of 3.4mm)
    Vertical hook of semi-rotary ,oil feeded by oil-wick
    Cotton #30-#50 Spinning line
    Operation panel option
    Standard size 9 designs
    Operation panel input mode
    21mm(From needle plate to presser foot)
    Continuous feed(Pulse motor drive mode)
    Sewing machineDD,ACservo motor(550w)
    Manual operation /Rotary hook pulse motor driving model
    0.5 Mpa 1.8L/min


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