Product Introduction


Full-Automatic Pocket Setter

Applied in Pocket of denim material,Full-Automatic iron-free pocket setter
was specially adapted in denim and similar medium-heavy material.


  • Machine Head:Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
  • Speed:2700rpm
  • Size:300mm x 2 0 0mm
  • Driven Method:Encoder Pulse Motor,XF-oYo t Presser Drive
  • Power:Single Phase 220V
  • Airpressure:0.5Mpa、1.8L/min


  • Supreme automatic pocket setter improves efficiency and quality by automizing the complicated process of pocket .It doesn't require skill to fold the pocket ,position the piece ,stitch the pocket ,bartack and stack.
  • With 11s, you can finish pocket setting ,folding and cyclying on 1 machine .


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