Product Introduction


Automatic Punching and Pattern Sewing Machine

Customer experience

Mainly used for shoes, bags and caps, this machine, with one feed, can finish three procedures: punching, embroidery and sewing. One worker can operate many machines based on the automatic operating. The punching area is 0.8mm-6mm.

Technical Parameters

Model and Standard +

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    Sewing area
    Rising amount by intermittent presser foot
    Stroke by intermittent presser foot
    Air pressure
  • SP-2210AS-H/CF
    Single-needle flat seam
    2,700 rpm
    Max.220×100 mm
    22 mm
    0 or 2 - 10 mm(Original setting:3mm)
    AC servomotor 550W
    Single phase 220V,Three phase 380V
    0.5 Mpa 1.8 l/min


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