Product Introduction


Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

  • SP-6040AS-H/TN

Adopting leading technology of supreme ,double needle bar transmitting mechanism,it is able to sew
with double color while combined with self-developed software system.It is not only accurate and stable ,
but also has advantage in making complicated patterns.Mainly used in big area sewing including car seats,bags,clothes and shoes upper.

Improve sewing quality

  • One pattern sewer can sew two different colors of the surface line, line trace beautiful and high precision, good stability.
  • Reduce manual production process, save time and greatly improve efficiency.
  • Large sewing area can be used to sew a pair of large-size vamp with twocolor stitching lines by once time.

Strengthening machine needle penetration force

Powerful direct drive motor makes the machine needle penetration force more forcerul. The speed of start and stop is faster. The speed 2800rpm improves the efficiency to a further extent.

Standard broken-needle sensor

To be used for detection of thread broken .It automatically stops and informs the operator once it detects thread broken .

Fast and convenient program editining

Using PD3000 programming software, it is easy to edit pattern, and AS is more compatible with DA/DE, PLK format pattern editing, which simplify the process of pattern editing. With large screen LCD interface and new touch screen control , you can complete the man-machine dialogue using finger. You can create and editing the data easily according to the icons and orders;

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    Sewing area
    Cloth feeding mode
    Stitch Length
    Presser foot drive method
    Press foot height
    Air pressure
  • SP-6040AS-H/TN
    Sing-needle flat seam
    2,800 rpm
    Intermittent feeding(Servo motor drive mode)
    Max. 30mm
    AC servomotor 550W
    Single phase100~120V、200~240V、3-phase200~240V、380~415V、350V


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