Product Introduction


Automatic Darts And Waist Pleats

The brand new super saving machine is used for casual pants, western pants, waist reduction and
other craft, with fast speed, 4 seconds per piece, up to 2.5 seconds, 8000 ~ 9800 pieces per day.


  • Template loading and unloading easy, a minute to complete
  • Province tip precision to wire, province tip width can be adjusted freely
  • Large cylinder press: ensure the smoothness of the fabric and wide range of adaptation can be adapted to large elastic fabric
  • Automatic wire cutting, clamping, blowing and loosening
  • 90 seconds lock machine, any key release, user-friendly settings

Performance a dvantage

  • Extremely simple operation mode, no special skill requirements for the operator
  • Accurate folding method to ensure high consistency of each province
  • Lock stitch can be adapted to a variety of fabrics, with strong universality, no stem, not easy to scatter, and beautiful and soft stitch
  • Large shuttle bed with double bottom line capacity reduces the number of bottom line replacement times by 50% in operation with higher efficiency
  • The standard bottom line alarm device can accurately capture the wireless state of the bobbin, reduce the rework probability and ensure the sewing quality
  • Convenient knob mode to adjust the depth to adapt to different fabrics and obtain perfect taper
  • Easy self-diagnosis detection method can quickly and directly present fault phenomena


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