Product Introduction


Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

  • SP-2212BS-H/M/X

With energy-saving technology,electric pattern sewing machine avoids thread take-off at the sewing start after

efficiently supplying enough surface thread. Combining outstanding compatibility with energy-saving

technology,it is more energy saving and more environmental friendly.


  • Variable multi fault tension
  • Upper thread holding function
  • Broken thread detection
  • Oil Free needle bar
  • Quick, easy and precise pattern editing
  • Superior modification space
  • Two types of editing software inside touchscreen
  • Barcode scanner (optional)

Various tensions of multi-segments adjustment

With variable tensions of multi-segments adjustment according to the products requirement,it sews more beautiful lines.The machine is also able to sew some simple embroidery patterns ,even in thick materials that is hard for normal embroidery machine.

Intermittent automatic presser foot height detection

Due to change of intermittent foot presser height based on fabric thickness,the intermittent presser foot works according to certain intermittent pressing action.After this action,it prevents the inadequate positions of the foot presser while achieves concord sewing of surface line and bottom line .The rising amount can be adjusted by operation in the panel or software.Also this is suitable for different sewing programs.

Low power consumption

  • This machine uses direct drive servo motor ,which reduces the power by 50% compared with traditional machines,the lowest power consumption in pattern machines.
  • Rectangular pattern: 220×120mm;Needle number:106,needle pitch:3mm,Sewing speed: 2,700 rpm,310 pieces/hour

High speed, high efficiency

  • With the highest sewing speed in the industry(2700rpm) and the use of energy-saving motor,it improves sewing efficiency ,saves more energy and reduces sewing time by 19% percent compared with traditional machine.
  • Rectangular pattern: 220×120mm;Needle number:106,needle pitch:3mm

Fast and convenient program editining

Using PD3000 programming software, it is easy to edit pattern, and GB is more compatible with DA/DE, PLK format pattern editing, which simplify the process of pattern editing. With large screen LCD interface and new touch screen control , you can complete the man-machine dialogue using finger. You can create and editing the data easily according to the icons and orders.

Strengthening machine needle penetration force

High power direct drive motor makes the machine needle penetration force more powerful. The speed of start and stop is faster.

Disconnection detection function

Can be used to detect broken thread .It automatically stops and informs the operator once it detected broken thread.

The presser foot drive mode

  • Pneumatically driven
  • SMC Cylinder

Superior modifing space(Optional)

Devices as sliding device and flip flop device can be installed on the machine,which has superior space for modification.It simplifies complicated procedures ,saves the labor of stable stitching and satisfies the demand of combination of multi-procedures.

Industrial scanner(Optional)

It can directly transfer decoded content to computer system by USB.It will be more convenient to match the correct pattern by scanner while sewing different patterns and materials.

Technical Parameters

Model and Standard +

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    Sewing area
    Cloth feeding device
    Stitch Length
    Maximum stitch amount
    Presser foot drive method
    Press foot height
    2- step presser foot
    Rising amount of intermittent foot presser
    Stroke by intermittent presser foot
    Thread Wiper
    Cutting device
    Tension device
    Data storage method
    Air pressure
  • SP-2212BS-H/M/X
    Sing-needle flat seam
    2,800 rpm
    Max.220×120 mm
    Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive mode)
    0.05 - 12.7mm
    20,000 needles/1 pattern
    Max. 30mm
    Divided presser foot
    22 mm
    0 or 2-10mm(Factory defaults:3mm)
    Double Shuttle Hook
    Standard facility
    Standard facility
    Elctric tension device
    USB or Flash memory (You can sew pattern with CF card)
    AC servomotor 550W
    Head:about 108 kg Operating panel:about 0.6 kg control box:14.2 - 16.2 kg (according to different export countries)
    Single phase 220V Three-phase 380V
    0.5 Mpa 1.8 L/min


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