Product Introduction


Multi lace loop stitching solution

  • SP-1310AS-H/ZD

Lace loop machine reduces cost, simplifies operation and stitches beautiful lines compared with traditional sewing.
It has procedures like automatic feeding, automatic folding, automatic cutting, automatic sewing and automatic collecting using hot cutting or cold cutting.
It is mainly applied in procedure of shoes, which it can sew 1 to 6 pieces lace in one time.
Combined esthetics with efficiency, this machine will be the top choice of lace loop in shoe industry.

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    sewing area
    Stitch length
  • SP-1310AS-H/ZD
    flat seam
    2,700 rpm
    X:8~12mm Y:18~22mm
    AC servo motor: 550 direct drive
    Single phase: 200~240V


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