Product Introduction


Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine with Triple Rotary Hook


  • Equipped with triple rotary hook with longer time of bobbin case using
  • Standard adjustment facility of upper thread tension
  • Well sewing and trimming for thick thread
  • Equipped with intermittent presser foot
  • Available to CF card and USB disk
  • Equipped with touching screen panel and easy to operate, edit and modify patterns
  • Sewing area with 220mmX120mm
  • Strong penetration of needle
  • Equipped with need le cooling device (optional)
  • Equipped with thread breakage detector


Special device for safe belt sewing and container belt; Available to car safe belt baby safe belt sewing

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    Sewing area
    Cloth feeding device
    Stitch Length
    Maximum needle number
    Foot presser driving mode
    Work clamp height
    2-step presser foot
    Rising amount of intermittent foot presser
    Stroke by intermittent presser foot
    Thread Wiper
    Cutting device
    Tension device
    Data storage method
    Air pressure
  • SP-2212RL-H/M/X
    Sing-needle flat seam
    2,700 rpm
    Max.220×120 mm
    Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive mode)
    0.05 - 12.7mm
    20,000 needles/1 pattern
    Max. 30mm
    Divided presser foot
    22 mm
    0 or 2-10mm(Factory defaults:3mm)
    Three Shuttle Hook
    Standard facility
    Standard facility
    Elctric tension device
    USB or Flash memory (You can sew pattern with CF card)
    AC servomotor 550W
    Head:about 108 kg Operating panel:about 0.6 kg control box:14.2 - 16.2 kg (according to different export countries)
    Single phase 220V Three-phase 380V
    0.5 Mpa 1.8 L/min


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