Product Introduction


Electronic Laser Pocket-hole Sewing Machine

  • SP-2210AS-M/KD

The Electronic Laser Pocket-hole Sewing Machine
is mainly used in sewing welt/zipper pockets for
trousers and casual pants.


  • Normal back welt pocket: 200 pcs/hour
  • Normal welt zipper pocket: 180 pcs/hour


  • Easy operation without skill requirements for the operator
  • Pneumatic pocket flap pressing without offsetting for automatic operation and doubled efficiency
  • Unique clamping device to meet more process and style requirements
  • Laser cutting with neat and lint-free cutting edge, especially suitable for washed pants
  • Easy self-diagnosis detection to quickly and directly show fault phenomenons.

Technical Parameters

  • Model
    Sewing area
    Stitch length
    Highest sewing speed
    Air pressure
    Pocket opening length
    Single welt pocket
    Welt zipper pocket
    Lining positioning
    Laser tube life
    Pocket opening width
    Double welt pocket
    Clamping alignment
    Cutting method
    Fume processing
  • SP-2210AS-M/KD
    Flat Seam
    0.05 - 12.7mm
    2,700 rpm
    1.8 L/min
    Specialized zipper clamping device
    Four-point pneumatic pressing device
    2,000,000 times
    5:5, 3:7, 2:8,6:6
    IR & laser positioning
    CO2 laser double Y full cutting mode
    Siphonic direct venting


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