Product Introduction


Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

  • SP-6040AS-H/M/X
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Mainly used for big size materials like air bag and bags or for the big area sewing of combined small parts.


  • Servo motor drive: Better stitch lines,lower noise and lower vibration generated by servo motor in X,Y direction.
  • Thread-broken detector: Used to detect broken-thread,which stops the machine as soon as it detects broken line.

Customer experience

  • Using leading technology parts as drive motor and dual-rail,the machine sews quickly with little vibration ,which ensures productivity and comfort.
  • Best choice for big pattern material as bags/air bags /clothes with a sewing area 600×400mm
  • Considering cutting edge technology of Supreme and using habit of customers,this machine realizes best using experience with highest accuracy and big area.
  • Equipped with broken thread detector ,this machine is able to stop and alert automatically using new operating software.

Technical Parameters

Model and Standard +

  • Model
    Highest sewing speed
    Sewing area
    Cloth feeding mode
    Stitch Length
    Maximum stitch amount
    Storage amount of stitches
    Rising amount of intermittent foot presser
    Stroke by intermittent presser foot
    Thread Wiper
    Cutting device
    Customer program amount
    Recyle programme No.
    Air pressure
  • SP-6040AS-H/M/X
    Sing-needle flat seam
    2,700 rpm
    Max. 600×400mm
    Intermittent feeding(Servo motor drive mode)
    20,000 needles/1 pattern
    500000 stitch can be stored
    0 or 2-10mm(Factory defaults:3mm)
    Standard facility
    Standard facility
    AC servomotor 550W
    single phase 200~240V


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