On the 25th of February an in-depth study was conducted on the development of the textile and garment industry in Ningbo.

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On the 25th of February an in-depth study was conducted on the development of the textile and garment industry in Ningbo. The China Textile Industry Federation-Shu PU Company Research team was led by Sun Ruizhe, president of China Textile Industry Federation, Feng Deihu, president of China Textile Construction Planning Institute, Jusha, president of China Fashion Color Association, Chang Xiang Dong, executive vice president of China Apparel Association, Yang Jinchun, deputy director of industry, China Textile Industry Federation, Liu Xin, deputy Director, Ministry of Science and Technology development Wang Yuping, productivity Dongqui, deputy director of the Promotion department, Sheffonmine, deputy director of the Department of Industry Development, and Yan Bo, deputy director of the Industrial Economic Research Office of China Textile Information Center.


Deputy director of Dai Yun, Ningbo, former director of the consumer goods industry Office of the Credit bureau, Huan Weimin, deputy director Yang Shibing, Ningbo, Secretary General Mao Garment Association, and others accompanied the investigation. Ningbo Supreme Electronic Machinery, is a proud member of this industry.


On the first day of the study, the research team held talks with more than 10 Ningbo textile and garment enterprises, and included; Yagore, Shenzhou, Taiping Bird, Boyang, Lion Danu, Bermuda, Pastoral, Gordyvale. The research team travelled to visit several factories including;  Flute Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., Taiping Bird Group Co., Ltd., Yagore Group Co., Ltd., Boyang Group.


The research team then had the opportunity to visit Supreme Electronic Machinery. Under the leadership of Mr. Rochi of Supreme as well as Mr. Liu Guojing Supremes’ marketing director. Supreme world headquarters in Ningbo houses a state of the art R&D facility, as well as sales and service. The Supreme research staff proudly showed the facility as well as our modern production line. Supremes’ goal is to solve the industry's production difficulties, with intelligent operation "machine replacement" to improve production efficiency, and reduce manual labor. The company attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise R&D. Supremes’ goal is to acquire the talent to go through rigorous internal training. Last year Supreme hired a number of senior professional engineers, completely reconstructed and modernized the R&D centre, added a professional training centre, as well as an information processing and Testing centre. This created an independent research and development innovation centre to create and manufacture the world's most advanced level of high-tech products.


Supreme has now become a leader in the industry and provides customers with computer stitching and robotic solutions. Similar to the Chinese nation, Ningbo Textile and garment industry has evolved over the last after 40 years with reform and an open mind to change. The Ningbo Textile and garment industry, has evolved its thinking from traditional manufacturing methods, and through continuous study of new concepts has adopted the integration of intelligent manufacturing, state of the art new equipment design, cultural creativity and modern fashion elements. Given the rapid changes in technology the Ningbo Textile and Garment Industry has a great opportunity to join the 21st century and become a renowned industry leader in China.


This Sino-textile research, Ningbo Textile and garment industry in the existing traditional advantages, to achieve high-quality development, continue to play a leading role in the development of the domestic industry, give ardent hope, greatly boost the confidence of the development of Ningbo Textile and garment industry.